Yesterday ‘Blogging superstar Glenn Reynolds was reviewing girls’ boy-dolls on his Instapundit Weblog. His point was that a “Flava” doll called “Liam” is selling poorly because it’s too girly, but he is positive about the male Bratz—apparently his own daughter is a fan. (And I have to say that I think the music loops on the Bratz Website are superb; they’re certainly better than anything most of the boy/girl bands have out at the moment and funkier than the desperate attempts at “street” sounds the Flavas’ Webpage has to offer.)

Browsing Amazon’s range of Bratz, I couldn’t help noticing that one of them is called “Eitan”. Judith, is this the shape of things to come for your little Eitanie? The pose is certainly familiar.

I predict that Eitan will have a similar experience to mine: he will start out believing himself the only boy in the area with his name, only to grow up to be an adult surrounded by little Eitans. Whenever he is in the supermarket, young mothers will distract him by calling to their tots—children named after the dolls their mothers played with years before.

While we’re in a tweenager state-of-mind. Here‘s the Damian Counsell PowerPuff “Girl”. Why not create your own?