Muammar Gaddafi vsited the EU today and showed that he is as coherent now as he ever was. Here’s a sample:

“…the aging Arab radical showed flashes of his firebrand style in a 45-minute harangue to a joint news conference, at which questions were barred, under the watchful eye of four of his women bodyguards in blue camouflage uniforms on the podium.

“I hope that we shall not be prompted or obliged by any evil to go back or to look backwards,”

Gaddafi said, after defending his past support for militant Third World “freedom fighters”.

“We do hope that we shall not be obliged or forced one day to go back to those days when we bomb our cars or put explosive belts around our beds and around our women so that we will not be searched and not be harassed in our bedrooms and in our homes, as it is taking place now in Iraq and in Palestine.”

courtesy of Reuters.