I paraphrase the title of the latest email I’ve received from our Israel correspondent. With holy days circled on the calendar and Spring in the air, the thoughts of many a young religious fanatic turn to killing Jews, a practice which conveniently marks out the majority of the fundamentally evil systems of “thought” and political regimes that have blighted civilization: Nazism, Stalinism, Islamism. Here are some samples of the kinds of people who haven’t been able to blight Passover/Easter for the fathers, mothers, daughters and sons of the Zionist Entity:

“One of two Tanzim activists caught at the end of March told interrogators the group that sent them had planned a series of other attacks, including one with a device to which blood infected with AIDS would be attached.

“Another planned attack was a triple suicide bombing by terror organizations in a large Israeli city. The suicide bombers, whose explosive belts were ready, were to have gone from the Gaza Strip to Egypt by tunnel and then enter Israel through Sinai. Their operators were also planning to kidnap a settler near the West Bank settlement of Kedumim.

“At the end of March, a resident of the Balata refugee camp in Nablus was arrested on suspicion of planning a Fatah suicide attack in Tel Aviv. The 25-year old woman, who apparently was discovered cheating on her husband, was ordered to carry out the bombing for family honor.

“Another woman, 19, of Nablus, was arrested a few days later. She had been ordered to carry out a suicide bombing, after her family discovered she had been romantically involved before her marriage.”

Here’s the original story. God knows, you won’t read about it on the BBC News site.

UPDATE: Just checked my work email (from home) and found that Adam also mailed me about his too.

UPDATE: I have to correct my earlier remark: the Beeb do report on foiled bombings of Jews if the events take place outside the usual killing grounds.