In descending order of international detestation:

  1. You are an Arab-Israeli double agent and have been playing each side against the other for months, squirrelling away your profits in a Swiss bank account. Your cover has been blown and you are on the run. The door to your hiding place is being beaten down by armed men. Would you prefer them to be acting on behalf of:
    1. the Palestinian Authority or
    2. the Israeli government?
  2. You are a dictator fancying a bit of genocide to keep down the opposition (or whoever the local guestworkers are). Do you feel more afraid of the possible consequences to you of your planned pogrom under:
    1. a system of international law that respects absolutely the integrity of sovereign states or
    2. the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive military action?
  3. You are a poor African. [Is that a redundancy?] Your wrists are tied and you are on your knees in the middle of the main road through your village. Your neighbour has just lifted his machete over you and is about to hack your head off because you are not circumcised and you worship trees. A lightly armoured truck comes over the hill. Are you praying to the acacias that the vehicle is full of:
    1. UN Peacekeepers or
    2. British SAS men?