Gail A Stocker, one of LA’s leading comedy agents, offers humour for (almost) every minority, but, we ask, in what proportions does she take it on?:

(Roseanne Barr, Garry Shandling, Jerry Seinfield…)
total Jewish comics: 31 (US popn: 6m)

(Arsenio Hall, Sinbad…)
total African-American comics: 20 (US popn: 30m)

total Catholic comics: 3 (US popn: 58m)

Black Catholics not funny enough for ya, Gail? eh? eh?

Tomorrow, in his hard-hitting series, I reveal the shocking results of my demographic analysis of Motown Records and the NBA. PooterGeek: no stone unturned; no cabal undisturbed.

[Just in case Ms Porter wanders over here, and reads this without familiarizing herself with the “themes” of PooterGeek, this is an example of what we, on this side of The Pond, call “irony”—and perhaps an explanation of why she doesn’t have many “Catholics of colour” on her books…]

And where are the German-American comics (US popn: 44m)?

And the Filipinos?