My dad warned me—and I hope Auriol isn’t offended if I write this—but the BBC documentary about the four-minute mile that I ‘Blogged about last week (and my dad kindly recorded for me) sounded in places like a P G Wodehouse spoof. Apparently, after the race in Oxford, the leading runners were driven at top speed to London by someone called “Bunny”. Once there, Bannister insisted on changing into formal wear because he was “not going to be interviewed on BBC television wearing a tracksuit”.

Later they went out on the town. As they were driving away from jolly japes at Clement Freud‘s club in Sloane Square, they were stopped by the police for erratic driving. After questioning them, a police officer warned Bannister and co. that the Caribbean Club where they were heading was not a place for them to be taking nice young ladies like the ones accompanying them. Then he asked for their autographs.