Yesterday evening my officemate Jo and her fiancé kindly shared their home, food and television with me for the England cock-up. I have mentioned my officemate Jo's brother Paul before. He is a bit of a “character” as we English say, though he himself is married to a foreigner (Japanese) with whom he has produced one of those unfortunate mixed race children 😉 . Despite this, his Website is well worth a visit.

Firstly, you can check out more of his bizarre products swaps. If you've not been there before, go to the explanation first before pages two and three. There are some fun pics of his mate Alias's slightly “alternative” wedding. I also like his “Random Stuff“.

[Jo also corrects my ASDA/Ribena donkey story. Apparently it's not an offer but a competition and the first prize is a real donkey, or rather VIP sponsorship of one.]