At least coloured people have the community-spiritedness to make their status as such more-or-less obvious, thereby sparing innocent bystanders unnecessary unpleasantness and their enemies the inconvenience of having to mark them out with little stars—or bigger swastikas.

(The photo accompanying that article reminds me that it would have been helpful to all the budding neo-Nazis at my school if someone like John Cleese had been patrolling the corridors to explain to them which way round the arms of the Hakenkreuz went and how to spell “National Front”. That's the trouble with British bog standard comprehensives: the pupils don't get a proper grounding in history or spelling and most British Jewish families care too much about their offspring's education to send their kids to them any more. Already deprived of a traditional education, the remaining pupils are still further deprived of a traditional hate group to victimize. This country's going to the dogs, I tell you.)