Our Man in Washington sent me a typically thoughtful email about the differences between US and UK attitudes to party politics the other day. I want to write about what he said in it at some length—with my “serious” hat on—but that requires concentration and some work-free time. Right now, I need to consult you people about something more pressing.

The Genome Campus's wittily named canteen, “the DiNA”, has begun selling a new range of crisps, or “chips” as you would probably call them on your side of The Pond. These “snacks” are “inspired by the colour and passion of Latin America” (I read from the wrapper). The crisps are rather more unfortunately named than the place flogging them. I want you to imagine going up to the counter and saying, “Could I have a round of the BLT sandwiches, an apple juice, and a bag of Latinos, please?”

Is it just me or have some marketing gonks been very silly indeed? (At the risk of sounding even sillier, the “Latinos” themselves are rather tasty—mmm, “Sour Cream and Sweet Pepper” flavour.)

So, my fellow Anglophones, can you see “Latinos” catching on in North America? Are they the sort of thing that US tourists will buy to take home so their friends can also laugh at the packaging? Do tell.

“Sorry. We're all out of Sour Cream Latinos, sir. We've got some packets of Fried Chicken flavour African-Americans though.”