PooterGeek has somehow acquired a reputation for taking the piss. It is also currently the sixth highest Google hit for Oliver Kamm, because, although I have publicly said more positive than negative things about his writings, I gave the man a bit of a going over once.

Despite these facts I had nothing whatsoever to do with this parody of his ‘Blog. I did laugh at it, however—even when I shouldn’t have. That’s satire for you. It also scores by inventing attributes that its target doesn’t possess, but that somehow seem right (like Barry Norman saying “and why not” or Denis Healey calling people “silly billies”). I have to admit a sneaking admiration for the idea of Kamm suffering from a kind of ‘Blogging coprolalia and having to censor himself.

[Of course, if I were the perpetrator, this whole post would be so PooterGeek, wouldn’t it?—distancing myself from something I am secretly responsible for, while at the same time drawing people’s attention to it. And wouldn’t it be the cherry to then write a cautiously positive review of my own work? Being a smartarse can screw up your life.]