Someone called “Tony” has been posting on Stephen Pollard‘s ‘Blog lately. By his own admission, he is a Leftie, recently turned to the Right by the various mad outpourings of the Left since 9/11. His own opinions also scare me somewhat. I enjoyed this exchange:


“It’s reckoned that a stupid proportion (90%?) of crime in this country is carried out by 100,000 habitual offenders. Well, if that’s true – collect ’em all up, and dump ’em on a nice island somewhere (we must have one somewhere in the world, bloody hell, let’s rent one) – no possibility of parole, no possibility of ‘reform’, nothing. Harsh? well, lets ask the victims what they think shall we?”


“Tony – we tried that once before and got the result we deserved – Australia. I’d rather take my chances with them out on the streets.”