White Russian wins 100m; Black Americans demand recount.

South Korean feels similarly as World notes gymnastics judges can’t do sums.

To balance the pictures of attractive women around here lately, here’s a link to the BBC’s gallery of Britain’s “oarsome” gold-medal winning rowing crew. And, for all persuasions, there’s always Yahoo’s slideshow of toned, tanned beach volleyball players of both sexes. I note, however, the trouble Playboy got into when they linked totty and the Olympics

Iraq continues its steady progress towards the day it beats England at a game we invented. (Don’t you love the cute way Americans talk about “soccer”? I mean “Karim was injured on the play“. It’s like when I go on about baseball “matches”.)

What does five-gold-medal-winner Michael Phelps do on his day off from swimming for the USA? He sits in the audience, waves a little flag, and eats three meals at McDonald’s. Having admitted to this, I doubt that he will ever have to pay for another burger again.