On my doorstep this week, I picked up a pile of Labour leaflets that I will be delivering around my patch [thanks, Allan!] and I also picked up a copy of the Liberal Democrat’s “local” “newspaper”, Cambridge Herald. [I make no apology for the ‘Blogtastic scare quotes.] This publication’s factual news reports by members of the party—with headlines like “Tony Blair should say ‘sorry’ for misleading the British people”—are broken up by an opinion column called “Herald Comment” telling us that “Mr Blair has been unnecessarily belligerent” and “it is all too likely that terrorists will seek to take revenge on Britain, as they did in Madrid this year”. The Herald has four A3 pages. Three of these pages carry photographs of Tony Blair with George Bush. Three show pictures of Charles Kennedy not with George Bush. I think the Lib Dems are trying to tell us something, but I’m not sure what it is. Perhaps Michael knows. Can you help?

(While we’re on the subject of local politics, I’d like to thank the Tories for this handy Web tool. People in Cambridge have been wondering where the local Conservatives are for quite some time. I know about 400 of them are in Market ward [scroll down to see that I didn’t quite come last of all].)