Ten years ago when I was in a funk metal band called Tick Tick Boom, screaming about terrorists (as opposed to now, making jokes about them on the Web), our terrifyingly loud, half-Indian drummer Neil Kumar cultivated a running gag about how, one day, Frank Sinatra would cover some of our angrier numbers in a swing style. Neil would grab a mic and do a brilliant impression of Frank crooning about death and geopolitics. I thought of this today when twentysomething nu-jazz munchkin Jamie Cullen came on Radio 2 doing Radiohead‘s High And Dry, accompanied by his own solo piano playing—though it is one of their quiet ones.

[I link to a Radiohead fansite because the band’s official site is a maze of twisty pretentiousness—fine if you’re sixth former with time to burn.]

[Would you believe my Chambers actually includes this

prog n (also “progressive rock) a genre of rock music, popular esp in the 1970s, featuring complex and often lengthy compositions incorporating elements of classical music and jazz, with lyrics inspired by science fiction, fantasy and mythology.”