Nearly all teenagers lean to the Left of course, but, if their precocious vocabulary is anything to go by, the ones the Sun-Sentinel has gathered together to comment on the US Presidential debate seem to have been taken from various South Florida academies for the gifted:

“Although this debate proved to be the most entertaining, the candidates’ contentions have surpassed repetitive and reached mind-numbing. There is a significant difference between using colloquialisms to appeal to the nation and simply conveying sheer ignorance. The president crossed that line.”

–Anjali Sharma, 15, Pine Crest School

“Kerry seems to gradually appear more confident over the course of the debates. He is using `When I am president,’ which is the assurance the general public is going to respond to.”

–Tori Abernathy, 16, Pine Crest School

“Overall Sen. Kerry stressed that he is working for the benefit of the majority of the American people. He stated what his plans for the country are and more importantly how they would be accomplished, which was exactly what he needed to do to further strengthen his position on domestic policy, whereas President Bush [spent] his time either slamming Kerry’s plans or reiterating his plans that are already enacted and are proven not to work.”

–Austin Siegel, 15, Spanish River High School