The ‘Blog Abbreviated To SIAW has written nice things about me recently, but I would have enthused about its accurate summary of the BBC’s celebrity-based current affairs presenting anyway:

“[Kirsty] Wark, in her usual not exactly self-effacing way, frequently interrupted both to summarise their remarks, put words in their mouths and generally make sure that they remembered who the real star of the show is. This is the state of “current affairs” coverage on the BBC these days: a nonsensical question directed, by a canny businesswoman who dabbles in TV presenting, at two “experts” drawn from the usual tiny North London pool, both of whom share her very narrow, very conventional left-liberal world view, had nothing to say that just about every likely viewer of this particular programme wouldn’t already have heard, and arrived at their utterly pointless answers to her question by spouting a lot of pure speculation that sounded, if you closed your eyes, like the tuppenceworth thrown in by any old opinionated guest at a dinner party or loudmouthed drinker in a pub.”

If you search Google Groups for me, you will only find a handful of messages. One of them is this one, that I wrote to the legendary, local cam.misc in 2001.