Screw the polls. Screw the pundits. Screw Osama. I’m sticking by my prediction that Kerry will win, not that I can enter Norm’s competition. I’d bet about twelve pence on John Kerry becoming President of the United States of America. I also want Kerry to win, but not very much.

Here’s The Economist expressing a similar sentiment and offering a justification that I would agree with in parts. Here’s Oliver Kamm mysteriously losing his grip on English again as he backs the incumbent and cites an “almost irresistable [sic]” reason to support George Bush. (Like I said, Kamm’s wrestling with his dark side.) Yes, a Bush win would upset all sorts of appalling people, but I’m not sure how upset Michael Moore would be. Not only has Dubya helped Moore to become a very rich man, he’s helped him to keep more of the money he has accumulated.