Thank you to the people who were nice about my music. I’d just like to point out that Barry W, who I swear I have never even heard of before, was scarily perceptive on all fronts when (after being nice) he typed:

“It had a real film soundtrack feel to it – I saw a bus leaving town in the American Midwest for some reason. Rain. Sean Penn or someone of that ilk. Bass was a bit heavy though. (though maybe that’s the fault of my computer speakers)”

One: my usual collaborator is Mr Media Composition. He wasn’t involved this time, but he’s probably influenced me into making more “cinematic” music.

Two: The working title of the piece, when I only had chords and a snippet of melody was “Lord of the Rails” because it sounded like to me like it was going to turn into something gospelly about a long journey.

Three: it wasn’t the fault of your computer speakers; the bass was indeed heavy because I mix on quite gutsy speakers and, on first drafts, to tend to boost the bass until the master sounds nice on my embarrassingly bass-light car stereo. (You should have seen the look on the salesman’s eyes when I walked into the car sound system shop with my shaved head and hoodie and asked for something for my hatchback, “but not too woofer-y”.)

Anyway, here’s a mix less likely to rearrange your internal organs [UPDATED AGAIN 12Dec04]: