Better post this one before it’s next year here. From The Guardian in January, children under eight years of age review classic rock:

Jimi Hendrix: Crosstown Traffic (1968)

What the grown-ups say: “In a sense, Jimi’s Stratocaster is more articulate and speaks with more poetic beauty than he, or almost any other singer, possibly could… The music possesses a oneness which allows it to move as a whole, creating a more euphonious appeal.” (Teen Ink)

What the kids say:

Beth: My sister played this at her school concert. They played this and Bare Necessities. This is better than Bare Necessities.

Holly: It’s a bit boring.

Benjamin: I’d give this a trillion out of a billion.

Gabrielle: It’s making me feel all dizzy. Can I have some juice?

Benjamin: It’s about a crossed-out Christmas. Maybe Father Christmas has been crossed out.

Gabrielle: Maybe he’s been run over.

Attention span: One minute five seconds.

Better than Busted? “No.”

and, especially for Norm, here are their collected views on His Bobness:

Bob Dylan: Like A Rolling Stone (1965)

What the grown-ups say: “Dylan drives his inspiration and imagination to even greater heights… Anger, hatred, disgust, defiance, disbelief, apathy, ignorance, repugnance; it’s all here.” (Earthsound)

What the kids say:

Beth: This is not good.

Holly: He said bums.

Ben: Brilliant, this is just brilliant.

Sophie: He sounds like he’s just smelled something really bad, like cat poo.

Holly: Bums on sticks.

Ben: It’s great. I actually really like it.

Benjamin: Twenty trillion out a septillion.

Holly: This sounds really really old.

Benjamin: It’s like mouldy old bread.

Attention span: 15 seconds.

Better than Busted? “It’s stupid, Busted aren’t stupid.”

Far be it from me to defend Dylan, but I beg to differ.