Shockingly, according to the BBC, fears of exposure to over 3 000 “fuck”s didn’t seem to reduce people’s willingness to watch the big broadcast:

“More than 1.7 million viewers watched Jerry Springer – The Opera on BBC Two on Saturday, despite the objections of protesters.

At least 45,000 people had contacted the BBC to complain about swearing and religious themes in the opera.

Whodathunkit? “Moral” outrage boosts public interest.

In other music news, a sample of my latest cut—“Fuckity Fuck”, a hip-hop tribute to Hugh Grant’s performance in Four Weddings And A Funeral—is now available for download [small MP3 ; WARNING: Even this half-minute extract contains 28 instances of a sexual swearword]. This track and many others will be available for purchase from this site in all formats, including double gatefold lyric-embossed DVD.