Despite their claims for its health benefits, I remember it always seemed to be the vegetarians at college that who had the weight problems (either under- or over-) and the interesting skin conditions. The latter could have been caused by all the roll-ups they smoked, I suppose; but one undergraduate female dallied with veganism for a couple of weeks and wound up suffering from impetigo, a disease rivalling scurvy and gout in its visual and historic glamour. If you still think there’s anything at all sexy about not eating meat, a quick visit to Veg Porn [not safe for work]—“the first and only adult site featuring a cast of sexy vegans and vegetarians!”—will soon put you right. Guardian readers naked: ew.

Three points:

  1. The guy gazing “sexily” over his dodgy sideburn and flabby tattooed arm on the front page of thumbnail samples should be enough to put you off pork for a while at least.
  2. “Politically correct porn” is like “jolly blues music”.
  3. When it comes to domestic safety, even the loony libertarians have got to draw a line at a site that shows photos of wimmin baking in the nude [not safe for work].

How about that? I got all the way through a post about food and sex without mentioning her.