As you probably know, my not-so-trusty (hundred-and-fifty quid) camera is out of sorts—almost certainly as a result of rough handling by me. So I used the 35mm film compact that I bought for my parents to take pictures of my niece Maisie’s second Christmas. It was maddeningly difficult for a habitual SLR-user like me to remember that, when I looked through the viewfinder, I wasn’t seeing what the film was going to see. On the occasions when I remembered and the image was properly focused, though, the brain of the camera (a far from top-of-the-range Nikon) did a reasonable job of judging the exposure and its lens an excellent job of catching the details.

Anyway, my niece is probably going to grow up to be slightly better looking than me.

Maisie practises for her Vogue cover

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My sister would, I am sure, want you all to know that the chintz in the background has nothing to do with her. The new house came decorated—and it’s definitely going to be redecorated.