Good socialists here, here, and here ‘Blog the demise of Rosa Luxemburg, but it is important that the loss of another Rosa Luxemburg is not overlooked—by Chris especially, and by others of the Left who, unlike Dr Brooke, are now almost certainly working as management consultants, investment bankers, or barristers:

“Dons at an Oxford University college have launched a public appeal for the safe return of an ageing, but much-loved tortoise.

“The Balliol College tortoise, named Rosa Luxembourg, disappeared on Sunday, June 22 [2003], and has not been seen since.

“Rosa has been a familiar sight at the college, grazing in the garden quadrangle, for more than 42 years. “

What I particular like about this story is the unfortunate phrasing of its conclusion:

“Rosa is named after the German socialist leader and revolutionary, who participated in the Russian Revolution and formed the Communist Party of Germany — although no-one can remember why.”

As of May 2004, a replacement was being sought, subject to the college historian’s appeal to the student body that “further research” into the disappearance be conducted before such a grave step was taken.