“The decor looks like an asylum! Where’s my ‘Blogroll link? I want the pretty finger back! I can tell you how to fix that comment spam!”

For the next week or so the only complaints I want to hear from you rabble are if your legitimate comments are being bounced, otherwise please stop griping about the upgrade. I’m a busy man. It’ll all get done, but in small steps, as and when I have the chance. Besides, ‘Blogging about running a ‘Blog is very boring indeed.

And, I might point out, the ‘Blogroll is back and I’ve just started up a new and ruthlessly conservative hitcounter (BBClone on the “Rumsfeld” setting). See under “Unique Counts” at the foot of the sidebar –>.

I set this up because of Hak’s whining about download times and Anonymous’s pointing out that I have fallen out of my lowly throne in the hit parade. Trouble is, these days, I don’t have the time to write actual content to bring any visitors in.

Quote of the week:

“[Damian, ]I know you well enough to flatshare with you. I read your ‘Blog.”