I’ve added months of old posts. (See the Archive section over there –>.) I couldn’t even be bothered to go on a nostalgia trip and read any of the content, so sick am I of the sight of a computer monitor. There’s still a big gap between April 2002 and March 2003, but who cares?

Laugh at some celebrities instead. Here‘s the presenter of some crappy, music-video-padded, kids’ TV slot “aspiring” to the A-list:

T4 host Steve Jones has revealed that he wants to quit British television, in the hope of becoming a star in the US.

The presenter recently auditioned for the role of Superman, and although he was not offered the part, he claims that he has “things in the pipeline”.

“I really want to try acting,” he told The Sun. “If it took off, I’d have to leave T4, which is a shame as I’ve had a great time. But it’s definitely what I want to do next.”

He added, “I interview actors and meet Hollywood people. Something might come from that.”

What a tit.

Of course, it’s unselfconscious and deluded people like that who do become A-listers in our strange postmodern, post-Madonna, contemporary world of fame. Even Paris Hilton is a film star now. I am willing to bet, however, that Jordan and Peter Andre will never appear in a Quentin Tarantino production or collect a golden statuette. They are about to have a baby together, though. If the child doesn’t grow up to have large breasts it will be the final nail in the coffin of Lamarckian inheritance.