Just to say thank you to all the people who’ve added nice things to the comments here since I last thanked everyone for doing the same (bonus points for David Duff’s contribution). Thanks also to everyone who’s been complimentary on other ‘Blogs and linked here mourning PooterGeek’s passing, especially George, Norm, and Marcus who have thereby caused a comical spike in the traffic here.

Chris Baldwin wrote:

“Good luck boyo, you were sometimes wrong but usually entertaining.”

Now, that’s not a bad epitaph.

“If you come back, don’t forget to get rid of that weird McDonalds cup banner!”

Love me, love my coffee cup.

Keith in Mountain View wrote:

“Bummer dude, I enjoyed the laughs – and you were more often right than wrong!”

That’s an even better way to be remembered than the quote from Chris.

I’m not here again today. I wish I’d go away.