Dont you just hate the way when you are googling for someone and you type in, say, “Laurence.Rittenour”, Google thinks for a microsecond, comes back with no hits, and asks “Did you mean: ‘Laurence.Ritenour‘? And you think, “Yeah, I probably did”, and you click on the corrected link that Google so helpfully provides. Then Google comes back with “Never heard of him either”.

What it’s really saying is:

“Muah-ha ha ha! I am the greatest intelligence that has ever existed. I know more than any entity since the Dawn of Time. I know everything there is to know about Laurence Ritenour. I have in my database photographs of all his family members. I could give you his FAX number. I could show you a satellite picture of his current location where he is presently drinking his favourite brand of soda.

“However, like a Parisian who knows the way to the Louvre, but disapproves of the way you pronounce ‘aller‘, I am not going to tell you. Bow before me, human, as I mock your ant-like scrabbling!”