That’s the trouble with Test Match Special: evocative commentary, unintentional innuendo, amusing anecdotes about furry-costumed Test Match attendees, bizarre guests (Bobby Charlton—what was that about?), occasionally slightly bonkers contributions from actual cricketers, but never searing analysis like that offered by Aussie Tony T at After Grog Blog:

“Well, that’s it then, The Ashes are gone. Time to pray for a miracle – or rain. Or both. So long, and thanks for all the eel-pie, you bastards! I mean that in the nicest possible fucking way, you understand.

“Ok then, enough with the politesse, let’s not beat around the mulberry. In recent years Australia have profited big time from dropped catches, favourable umpiring and general opposition clownishness. “Christ, we got away with one there,” is an oft heard phrase hereabouts after yet another bungle in the field or a rank howler from the men in white.”

“That is not to say they weren’t deserving of success, just that they have been building up an enormous overdraft of luck and/or happenstance. Sooner or later, the debt was bound to be called. What goes around, comes aground, as they say. All that need be negotiated was When? and By how much?

Well, it’s stating the bleedin’ obvious, but when is NOW. And how much is TOO FUCKING MUCH.”