I have mentioned the wacky “campaigning windows” of Cambridge residents before. Today I walked past one that had a picture of a Labrador on display, with the caption “Liberate Laboratory Animals!”

Also today I read this story:

“Animal rights activists have stolen six huntaway dogs from a Massey University farm, some of which are carrying a fatal genetic disease also found in humans.

The dogs – a bitch and five puppies – were sent to Massey by a farmer reluctant to have them put down. Instead he hoped Massey’s Veterinary School could find a cure for the disease which attacks the nervous system, killing animals and young children.

Massey veterinarians had hoped that because of the genetic similarities, if they found a cure for the dogs they would also be able to save children. In this respect, they were working with the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

The disease, mucopolysaccharidosis, specifically targets the brain.

Without expert treatment, the infected dogs will waste away and die fairly quickly.”

Via Fark too, the people who brought you microwave radar bring you fizzy ice cream.