Since I last mentioned her work Gloria Salt has moved to a new home at her own domain. Thanks to the alphabet she goes almost to the top of the PooterGeek ‘Blogroll. The new banner for her ‘Blog “Apropos Of Nothing” carries a nice big photo of her face too, which could quite reasonably be captioned “All this and brains too”.

Beating Gloria to the top of the list is Adloyada, the handiwork of a PooterGeek commenter and correspondent. Have you seen 221B Baker Street lately?

I have also added two members of the glittery literati to the “Friends of the Geek”: Linda Grant and George Szirtes. Admittedly, I’ve only read them, not met them, but, thanks to normblog and PooterGeek, they have now met each other. And it’s only a matter of time before television runs out of unemployed fitness trainers from mid Wales and we are all locked into the Big Brother house together to discuss the semiotics of semi-colons.

At this rate I might have to start an entirely new collection of links in the PooterGeek sidebar devoted to procrastinating writers.