[Before you read the article I link to below, those of you not up with geeky three letter acronyms need to know that “IRC” stands for “Internet Relay Chat”, which is like Microsoft Messenger for the sort of people who build their own PCs.]

Related to the “people you wish you didn’t fancy” thread (which is growing nicely), at a site that collects Web images of unattractive people, a sharp thirtysomething female dissects the hypocrisy of other, not-so-sharp thirtysomething females:

“[T]he other day, I was having lunch with a group of pseudo-friends and the inevitable “perfect man” conversation goes around. For those of you who haven’t figured this out yet, it’s one of those oblique conversations where the topic matters less than making whoever’s listening think you’re not as shallow as you really are.

It goes like this …

The first thing to do is dismiss the so-called superficial. Jane says she doesn’t care for looks, but personality. Sally nods and suggests a man’s profession and level of income aren’t important either. If you don’t agree, you get attitude – so even though you know these things are at the top of everyone’s list, you play along…”

Read it all. It won’t take long.