As I’ve mentioned before, I won’t have Net access from home until the end of November and neither will I have a landline. I am now down to 20 minutes of talk time with Orange and they won’t let me upgrade (even temporarily) until the 19th. According to the advertised tariff, every minute I’m on the phone beyond my quota for the month will cost me one of my corneas. So, sorry for my continuing quietness.

It’s still morning and there is a small boy dressed as Count Dracula (with raised-purple-velvet-collared cloak and full make-up) standing outside the door of this Internet caff. [I’d take a photograph for you guys, but, in these enlightened times, I’d probably be arrested.] He has now been joined by two girls: a witch and Catwoman. This is going to be a long day.

Happy Hallowe’en everyone.