In a cunning flanking move, The Guardian responds to my post yesterday by publishing a letter from my Old Labour dad today. How can I sustain my free-thinking, post-Thatcherite, Left libertarian, public-private agnostic, open source-advocating online persona when my rellies are wandering around wearing metaphorical “Save Clause Four” T-shirts?:

Maybe I’m naive, but what kind of socialist buys shares (Blunkett faces new conflict of interest claims, November 1)?
Greg Counsell
Tamworth, Staffs

Why can’t he just dance badly at wedding discos like other people’s dads? I suppose I’ve got it easier than Hilary Benn; my father can spot a murdering fascist bastard when he sees one.

In other news, Blunkett has just left his ministerial portfolio to spend more time with his share portfolio.

(I note also there are three other letters from the north Midlands on the same page, including another one from Tamworth. Two of these reminisce warmly about Manchester. Remember: there’s one question to ask of Professional Northerners Down South: “If it’s so good Oop North, why don’t you live there any more?”)