I don’t agree with a lot of what she says, but I think Mary Madigan at Exit Zero has a very interesting angle on Iran:

What should we do about Iran? We should do nothing.

Seriously. When a belligerent little foaming-at-the-mouth nation shouts about nukes, they expect us to pay attention to them. This encourages other belligerent little foaming-at-the-mouth nations to do the same. So let’s not.

Imagine no reaction from the US; no attempts to appease Ahmadinejad; no threats to bomb, no threats of invasion, no sanctions. Maybe we can give them a gallic shrug. After all, Chirac is already doing the job of jumping up and down and shouting, a nice role reversal.

Iran’s bellowing doesn’t even deserve a shrug. We’ve been playing nuclear poker for more than half a century and we’ve walked away with the pot every time.