I had a copy of The Daily Telegraph (aka The Torygraph) because it’s always worth reading the opposition press on a day of Labour Party smugness. [TEN YEARS OF A CHANCELLOR WHO KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING, YOU TORY BASTARDS! TEN YEARS! HE MAY BE A ONE-EYED WONK FROM PLANET MEDDLE, BUT HE’S OUTPERFORMED EVERY SORRY WASHOUT THE STUPID PARTY’S PUT UP FOR THE JOB IN THE LAST HUNDRED YEARS!] Sure enough, there’s some priceless Telegraph Budget commentary:

Peter Brown, the chairman of Independent Remuneration Solutions which advises companies on how they pay directors, said that the retrospective element [of the Chancellor’s new “assault on tax-avoidance schemes”] was very unfair.

“It’ll certainly involve some people having to sell their Ferraris to fund this tax,” he said.

[UPDATE: I can understand Will’s skepticism in the comments because the above reads like something from a Private Eye parody—right down to the name of Peter Brown’s company—but it is a genuine quote from the paper. I would have linked to it if I could find the online version. The added emphasis is however mine.]