There’s an overlap between my CD collection and Richard‘s, but we do come at music from slightly different angles. He subscribes to The Wire; I subscribe to Sound On Sound. In the most recent edition of The Wire all three of their interviewees had beards—two of them goatees. In the most recent Sound On Sound the main interviewee was 80s pop pixie Howard Jones. On Wednesday after a hard day’s recording, while Kate prepared a superb fish pie, we sat listening to arty ten-piece Danish chamber electronica ensemble Efterklang. When I got home afterwards I put on Chemistry by Girls Aloud.

This is a preamble to admitting that I am once again too busy to blog properly. Instead here’s a link to Richard’s latest mix of one of our tracks (note that the recording fades in and is generally quiet so crank up your volume): Bow Down Below [MP3 5.7MB]—(Windows Media [5.6MB], Ogg Vorbis [4.5MB]). The segment about two-and-a-half minutes in when the Voices Of Despair drag you into the swirly water was written after we’d had a spat about some aspect of the arrangement. Now of course it’s one of the bits of the song we like best.