Above the usual manufactured outrage headline on the front page of the Daily Mail this morning I read the following smaller banner:

He’s quizzed over £350 000 “bribe”. Their home is remortgaged three times in four years. Yet not once, says Tessa Jowell, did she ask her husband: “What the hell is going on, darling?”

Crikey. Imagine if all the Daily Mail‘s readers starting asking those sorts of questions of their husbands when they were being made to sign all that tiresome paperwork. The rag would fold in a week, brought down by an creepy alliance of the male memberships of Masonic lodges, golf clubs, and Conservative associations across most of the south-east of England.

[My writing this has nothing to do with the Mail Online’s bitchy and not even slightly yo-yo-ey “Nigella’s yo-yo figure” picture gallery.