Before I set about some other duties, I pause to browse the blogs and bitch about them (affectionately of course).

On the subject of lazy blogging, if Guido is going to complain about substandard satire on the TV, he needs to get some of his own material or at the very least put me on his blogroll before he shamelessly recycles my finds in his posts.

Chris shouldn’t let his obsession with managers blind him to the truth about democracy. In dismissing the New Conservatives’ child poverty “policy”, he writes:

“That there are trade-offs and choices in policy is a fact the managerialists are desperate to avoid.”

No. It’s a fact that voters are desperate to avoid. Plenty of us can’t even face that there are trade-offs and choices in to be made in our own lives, never mind in government policy—a shortcoming that, for example, Ocean Finance is only to happy to exploit. [You can google them for yourself; I’m certainly not linking to the bastards.]

Grammar Puss has done two profoundly unwise things:

  1. given her blog a background that will trigger epileptic episodes in many of her readers and
  2. admitted to using the work of The Wedding Present as a tool of seduction

You seduce someone with Ella Fitzgerald singing Cole Porter. Applying the Wedding Present (who must be in the top ten of Bands Epitomizing Everything That’s Wrong with Indie Rock) to the erogenous parts of someone’s ears is like massaging sump oil into their bits.