Kerron came in for some stick the other day for describing the result of “The” Boat Race as:

“Some Toffs beat Some Other Toffs, Ra!”

It is perhaps a bit harsh. You’d have to extend the definition of “toffs” from “members of the aristocracy” to “members of the ruling classes” or “tall blokes whose parents could afford artificially inflated school fees or house prices, plus really tall blokes from overseas doing ‘tourists’ degrees’ in Management ‘Science'”. I hereby align myself with Kerron’s verdict and look forward to some tit posting a comment here telling me that I’ve done so because I couldn’t get in and “have a chip on my shoulder”.

I remember a bloke writing a book that argued, quite reasonably, that Oxbridge domination of the British establishment was bad for the country and practically every review I read of it (usually by an Oxbridge graduate) seemed to think that pointing out that the author had been rejected by one of those universities demolished its central thesis. Just goes to show how over-rated an Oxbridge education is.

(Anyone remember what the book was called?)