Thanks to Norm, for linking to The Wedding Photography Blog. It reminded me of something I should have mentioned in my previous post.

If you enjoy PooterGeek and have a blog or a Website then one way you could thank me for the free entertainment would be to put the words “wedding photographer” or “wedding photography” somewhere on your site and link them to You only need to do it once (too many citations would probably be counterproductive anyway), but it would help if you put the link somewhere it won’t expire. You could tuck the phrase away in your sidebar for example. In return I’ll link back to your blog from The Wedding Photography Blog—provided you aren’t a fascist of course.

Think of it as enlightened self-interest. If you keep me in gainful employment I’ll continue to be able to afford to run this site. Thank you in advance.

UPDATE: P’raps not: see wise thoughts from commenters below.