I’ve started another blog: The Wedding Photography Blog. To begin with there won’t be much there that’s new to PooterGeek readers: it’s an advert for my photography services. You will have seen many of the photos on show here or on my other sites like Sepial.com. My initial aim is to elevate Sepial’s Google karma in advance of the site’s expansion. The Wedding Photography Blog is already a top hit on Google for “wedding photography blog“.

There’s more to it than that though. It’s also a Danickian experiment in turning conversations with people into mutually rewarding business. I’m going to see if I can be freakishly honest with potential customers and still make money. I have started and will continue to do some perverse things:

  • give away my “trade secrets”,
  • link to my best rivals,
  • admit that my work can be improved, and
  • tell clients that they can do my job (if they practise).

If you like taking photos and would like to know how to take better photos then the blog will, I hope, give you some useful tips. If you just like looking at photos (especially of weddings) then it will give you plenty of nice pics to gawp at. If you are interested in marketing and this all goes horribly wrong then it might just give you a car-crash of a case to study.