Al Gore seemed to have been engineered by a mad scientist to become President of the United States of America: born in Washington DC to a former senator, elite education, lots of practice being Vice-President to one of the more distracted actual Presidents, George W. Bush for his opponent, tall, good hair. How could it have gone so wrong?

What’s even stranger is that Gore’s subsequent plans looked on paper to be rather more improbable.
“No, wait, man, hear me out: It won’t just be me on screen for two hours, standing behind a lectern, telling people the World is going to end; there’ll be, like, PowerPoint slides with graphs on and, er, videos of people drowning and starving and shit.”
With a pitch like that they still turned up in their thousands.

His latest solid lemon of an idea? A D-I-Y TV station where even the ads for Sony are made by complete amateurs. How they laughed—just like they laughed when he invented the Internet.

[via Fark]