Having popped out a couple of twins, Israeli bloggess Gloria Salt is back. Via the comments on her most recent post, I stumbled upon the output of “nationally syndicated Libertarian columnist and author” Vin Suprynowicz. Via his commentary on the war in Lebanon

It’s typical for those who crave peace to try compromise and appeasement. These rarely work, merely emboldening the aggressor. What works are tanks and really big artillery pieces and stubble-faced G.I.s doing the thankless job of winning the war 50 yards at a time.

[W]ars usually do resolve these issues — if one side is allowed to fight to a decisive victory. It’s just that the pink petticoat gang shriek hysterically and threaten to faint dead away when confronted with the reality of how real wars really end.

Someone raises a white flag, and promises to fight no more if only you’ll give the survivors some food and water and stop burning them out of their holes. Many of the conquered women marry the conqueror’s soldiers and move home with them, giving up their native dress and learning to drive Buicks.

…I clicked through to read that Vin has written a book called The Black Arrow:

The portals are everywhere, now. Scanning for weapons, for drugs…No getting out of line.

The people had forgotten how to fight back. There was no one to show them how. Or was there?

When she first saw him he was silhouetted against the moon, a black stallion rearing up to claim all he surveyed.

Her heart slowed in her chest, then. There was a strange keening in her ears that she knew was not of this time or place, but of the other world. It was a vision she was having, a waking dream that would haunt her, drive her in ways unexplained.

In the dark o fthe city’s night, whenever the weak or oppressed cry out in pain or fear, a quiet footfall can be heard on the roof, he owlshadow passeth before the moon. The twang of the bow, the quiet gasp of feathered death … The Black Arrow lives.

The Black Arrow is a tale of sex and violence; freedom and fertility; rebellion and revenge. With lots of rock ‘n roll.

Vin looks like this:

Vin Suprynovicz has a tache