Because of a couple of gremlins over at the Euston Manifesto site we’ve accidentally been turning people away from applying for tickets to our meeting next Tuesday evening in London. It’s free and there will be three speakers on the subject: “Darfur: An Urgent Case for Humanitarian Intervention”. Follow the link to email us for tickets.

This is probably also a good time to point out that, what with the end of the holidays, there is a lot more content on the Euston Manifesto Website than there has been for a few weeks, including Social Democratic Futures, a space for essays and extended responses about the future of the Left. If you have something to say about that or about any of the concerns of the manifesto then write in to Alan Johnson whose address is given at the foot of the introduction. And please, people, stop sending us your profound thoughts as horribly formatted Word documents; HTML, plain text, RTF, anything but Microsoft Word!