Wikipedia will eventually triumph over all other existing encyclopedias. Does any edition of Britannica or Encarta have a “List of films ordered by the use of the word ‘fuck’“?

Yesterday’s featured article was about philosopher and socialist Hilary Putnam, who is the Putnam in the “Quine-Putnam indispensability thesis” and definitely my kind of thinker. (By that I mean I admire his style, not that I am even remotely in his league.) Partly I’m sympathetic because I was accused in the mid-90s by a theologian friend of suffering from terminal case of functionalism.

Putnam is a kind of anti-Chomsky, having developed the dominant model in the theory of mind, but moved away from it as a result of seeing its weaknesses, even as others have gone on to develop it. From his Wikipedia entry I liked this quote especially, under the heading of “Criticism”:

“Ironically, Putnam himself may have been his own most formidable philosophical adversary.”