One of the drawbacks of taking photos for a living is that the family / personal /pro bono jobs you do tend to slide down your to-do list. Today I’ve been squinting at scans and negs on-and-off since about 10am. I bundled up a bunch of print orders just before the lab closed at 6pm, but since then I have been dealing with freebies. These include a few rolls I shot at the Day for Darfur march a couple of weeks back.

Insofar as you can have a nice day listening to survivors of the Holocaust, the massacres in Rwanda, and the slaughter in Sudan, and then protesting about the World’s timidity before a humanitarian disaster, we had a nice day. Some of the photos are excellent too, but if you couldn’t get good shots in that light you deserved to have your camera seized by the police. The full gallery is here.