Following on from my previous post, the entertaining flickr pages of a posh Asian-Italian woman called Robyn are at the end of this link, including her own pics of Brighton from her recent visit with her man. (They seem to be public so I don’t think this makes us voyeurs. She’s part of the Bobbie Johnson / Rote Boot Fraktion so we should be okay.)

Robyn describes herself as “beige”. This might be following my linguistic lead or it might be convergent evolution. Sadly her blog seems to be dead. Reading its remnants reminds me that I didn’t properly appreciate this advertisement until I’d read about this advertisement. If you don’t have a TV then you sometimes live your pop cultural life back to front.

Once, years ago, I was sitting in front of the box with a new visitor from Germany when a previous Tango ad came on. It was the one with a donkey in orange slippers in someone’s kitchen or something. It certainly had the shouty Geordie voiceover. When it had finished she just looked at me with this kind of pleading expression. As I desperately tried to explain to her what she had just experienced it occurred to me that that subtle disadvantages accompany the otherwise multi-dimensional good fortune of being a British citizen.