You’ve probably seen this one already because it was on Metafilter and has been going around for a couple of days. I found it via Mick Hartley. If you haven’t yet done so, hop to the Surrey Comet Website, where readers have been invited to comment on a story about how town centre managers have hired a marksman to deal with the local pigeon problem.

Thanks to some creative account creation it instantly turns into the most bonkers comments thread I’ve read on a news site since I last dared to look at The Guardian‘s Comment Is Free. All that’s missing is a nuanced contribution from dsquared informing us that the so-called “cull” is in fact part of an ongoing civil war between militant separatist guerrilla pigeons and a heavily outnumbered man with an air-rifle. Also at the Surrey Comet online you can read about how psychic detectives are investigating the Ricky Reel murder.