I’ve just returned from another boozy early evening exhibition party. One of the exhibitors is a painter who does portraits from photographs so it was business as well as pleasure. When things finally started winding down, the last people standing were three gay guys, the hostess, one other woman, and me. At that point the gay guys admitted that they had been running a book on my sexual orientation. Two-out-of-three of them had me down as a breeder, but there had been some debate. Apparently it’s the way I stand that marks me out as heterosexual. (They did go into further detail.)

Perhaps I should get a T-shirt saying: “THE ONLY STRAIGHT IN THE VILLAGE“.

*From the Urban Dictionary:

Stray n A straight man who dress and/or acts gay. Commonly have lisps [for those of you who haven’t heard me speak: I don’t] and enjoy arts/culture. Similar to but not altogether the same as Metrosexual . Also, see British

“Although I act gay, I’m actually just stray. Which basically means the same thing, except if you try to stick anything up my ass I will knock you out.”

*From Wikipedia:

Gaydar n (a portmanteau of gay and radar) is the intuitive ability to determine whether another person is gay or bisexual.