According to Technorati, one of the most listened-to albums of the moment is Hinder’s Extreme Behaviour. The cover features a red-lingerie-clad cleavage and a PARENTAL ADVISORY: EXPLICIT CONTENT sticker. It’s trying harder than a small-town 14-year-old with a bum-fluff beard, hanging around outside Happy Shopper waving a spliff and a can of lager. To my ears this review sums its sound up pretty accurately:

[T]he music blares like a stereo left on in the keg room, all swear words and electric guitar blab. Hinder singer Austin Winkler is a stand-in for Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger … [T]he chorus of lead single “Get Stoned” … asserts sex is better when the participants are angry and high. They sound like a heavier Wallflowers on “Nothin’ Good About Goodbye,” and “Lips of an Angel” carries the power ballad torch complete with a soaring solo stolen from hair metal’s golden era. “Homecoming Queen” is another take on the good-girl-tarnished-by-big-bad-L.A. story; it’s also a pretty obvious rewrite of Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child o’ Mine.” For the most part, Hinder is all about big dumb rock, the kind of stuff that’s happily ignorant of common courtesy or trying much of anything new musically.

Stupid, sexist trash for adolescent males? Click on the technorati search for links to bloggers listening to the album. They’re mostly teenage girls.